With work and patience there is hope for your out of control dog.

I've been working with a family that has a dog with a bite history for the last six weeks. This little dog is very explosive when anyone other than the family enters the house or if anyone gets too close to him ( like 30 ft or closer). We took him over to the TSC in Jackson this morning and worked on impulse control ( loose leash walking, not rushing out of the vehicle until told to do so and remain sitting until released) and civil behavior around people ( Look at That game, Open Bar/Closed Bar and BAT). This little guy let me actually take him and walk around the store( Mom and Dad were busy chatting with an old acquaintance). Even two weeks ago I might have been risking a bite if I got too close. He let people pass within feet of him and chose to look back at me or whoever had him at the time. I can not tell you how very pleased I am by the progress of this dog and it has everything to do the the dedication his family has shown to him and his rehabilitation.