What are your living arrangements?

If in your working environment your boss locked you in your cubicle all day and you could only come out when your boss said you could, would you want to spend your free time with your boss once you were let out of your cubicle? It's the same with your dog, I bet he's more interested in running and burning off steam than working with you,especially if woking with you includes correction and punishments and very little of what the dog finds reinforcing. So don't be too surprised when the leash comes off your dog takes off and isn't too quick to come back.
I had a tense few moments this morning while the dogs and I were walking around the field. A hound came trotting out of the woods in front of us and of course Maya and Diego had something to "say" about this trespasser. Even as they tensely circled the hound they both immediately came to me when I called them. Of course lots of cheese and liver sausage was doled out. The hound went on her way and we went on ours. On the second lap of our walk the dobes spotted the hound off in the distance and lit out after her. Again, even though they were quite a distance from me they came back immediately. Why is it I can call my dogs off most anything and have such nice focus while they're working? Am I just lucky to have such great dogs? No, both dogs came to me with recall and focus issues. Am I such a great trainer? Definitely not, there is nothing special about me and I make mistakes every day when working with my dogs. I truly believe it's how I live with them moment to moment. I understand that they are learning something every second they spend with me. I keep my eyes open for the behavior I want,like great recalls and attention, and I pay then well when I see it. So in other words I'm prepared every second I'm with my dogs. I always have yummy treats on me, its part of getting dressed to go outside with them. I put on my coat, gloves,hat and I put the treats in my pocket. I am constantly asking "What do they want at this moment?"
"Maya do you want this gate opened so you can eat horse poop?" "Great!" "Let's do a little focused heeling and I'll open the gate." "Diego, you want one of the treats in my pocket?" "Ok, back away from me 30 Ft. and spin." "Awesome have some cheese!"
There are those who believe a pet dog cannot be a working dog. These people leave their dogs in a crate or kennel run and only let the dog out to "work". The dog doesn't live with them and therefore misses out on all the wonderful opportunities to get reinforced by his handler through out the day, whether it's a snuggle on the couch, an impromptu belly rub or a chance to earn access to whatever the dog may want at any given moment. I think these dogs are missing out on the moments where they know they are truly loved and appreciated for the great dog God made them. Irrespective of their working ability I have found that if you truly,truly appreciate the effort your dog puts into working for you his working ability skyrockets. I seek every opportunities thought out the day to reinforce my dogs and I wouldn't have that opportunity if my dogs were locked away from me.