The rules are the rules.

I was talking to a student of mine, whose dog is very well trained, about how people think we are somehow being unfair to the dog by having them comply to our cues at all times. This student is awesome at understanding that the rules are the rules always and everywhere. Not just when it's convenient for her to enforce them. I think it's brutally unfair to a dog to be changing the rule day to day on a whim, depending on how you feel at the moment. Can you imagine how you'd feel getting into your car not knowing if the stop sign meant "stop" today. If the police officer gave you a ticket today for stopping at the same stop sign he gave you a ticket yesterday for not stopping at. You wouldn't know if you were to stop or not. Think how stressful it would be to live in a house where today I can sit on the couch but tomorrow I might not be allowed to. Having a well trained dog means training that dog everywhere. No matter how much my dog may want to leave the vet's office or how late the vet may be behind schedule, my dog still has to wait for permission to go through the doorways, every doorway,every time. When I'm with my dog I am committed to that dog no matter how much it may inconvenience myself or someone else.
This student's neighbor accused her of not letting her dog be a dog but quite the opposite is true. Well trained,well behaved dogs get to go places and do stuff that their untrained counterparts are never allowed to do. They are allowed to be part of the family gatherings, they can run off leash because they come when called,they get to go to the beach, the park and the softball games. Well trained dogs have a lower stress level because they don't have to worry about the people in their lives routinely going off the nut and yelling and screaming (or worse) at them for doing something that they've done for the past six weeks with nary a blink of any eye. But now for some unknown reason the same behavior has become taboo. Talk about unfair.